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"All in a Day’s Run" is for competitive runners, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who needs a "spark" to get healthier by increasing exercise and eating more nutritionally.

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This is what the running elite has to say about "All in a Day's Run":

"Gary's experiences and thoughts are very entertaining, all levels of runners can relate to them."
Brian Sell — 2008 U.S. Olympic Marathoner

"Each of Gary's essays is a short read with great information on training, racing and nutrition."
Dave McGillivray — Boston Marathon Race Director

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Magdalena Lewy-Boulet — March, 2009
Magdalena Lewy-Boulet was a member of the 2008 United States Olympic team which competed in Beijing, China in the marathon. An unfortunate injury suffered in the week prior to the Olympic Games forced her to drop out of the Olympic Marathon just after the 20 kilometer point. She finished second in the Olympic Trials Marathon in Boston behind Deena Kastor with a personal best time of 2:30:19. Her time improved on her previous personal best of 2:30:50, which she ran in placing fifth at the 2004 Olympic Trials in St. Louis. Magdalena won the 2002 Pittsburgh Marathon in 2:36:48 and returned to the 'Steel City' the following year to score an impressive second place finish in a time of 2:31:38. She also is an accomplished track athlete and finished sixth in the 2008 Olympic Trials 10,000m in 32:45.06 and third at Stanford in 32:33. She is a 1997 graduate of UC Berkeley, familiarly known as 'Cal,' where she garnered All-American honors at the 1997 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championships in the 5,000 meters by placing third with a time of 16:04.86. Magdalena is a native of Poland and became an American citizen on the infamous day of September 11, 2001. She lives in Oakland with her husband Richie, one of the United States' best milers in the 1990s. They have a son, Owen, born in May 2005. Magdalena works as a full-time assistant coach at Cal-Berkeley, where she graduated from in 1997 with a degree in Human Biodynamics.
GCR:How exciting was it to be a member of the 2008 United States Olympic team, especially after you came so close with a fifth place finish at the Olympic Marathon Trials in 2004?
MLBAny time you can fulfill your life long dream of making the Olympic Team it is an honor and an accomplishment. I felt so proud and honored to be on the US Olympic team with Blake Russell and Deena Kastor. Making the team last year was so sweet, especially since in 2004 both Blake and I walked away a little disappointed, but fueled with fire to get one of the top three spots in 2008.
GCR:On the opposite end of the spectrum, how disappointing was it to be unable to fully compete in the Olympic Marathon due to the freak injury of banging your knee on an armrest while exiting a shuttle bus in the Olympic village? Are you completely recovered?
MLBTo say that was disappointing doesn't begin to describe how I felt when I did not complete the Olympic Marathon. There's nothing worse than losing the opportunity to compete against the best athletes from all over the world because of some random accident. It's a very helpless feeling when you are very well prepared and have this opportunity of a lifetime and everything goes wrong. I eventually moved on when I fully recovered and was able to train again. I then set new challenges and dreams. I have learned a ton from this experience and most of all I have been reminded not to forget how magnificent the journey has been up to this point.
GCR:Did you attend the Olympic Opening or Closing Ceremonies, go to other Olympic sporting competitions and experience the sights of Beijing?
MLBI did not attend the Opening and Closing Ceremonies to allow myself as much rest as possible before the race, but I watched all of it on a big screen television at the training camp in Dalian.
GCR:At the 2008 Olympic Marathon Trials you moved to the lead very early in the race. Was this part of your strategy or did you have a planned pace and no one went with you?
MLBMy coach Jack Daniels and I talked about running 5:45 pace each mile. Our strategy was for me to run what I was capable of running and nothing less and that is exactly what I did. There were miles that I ran a little under 5:45 and some a little over, but at the end if you look at my finish time I ran pretty even pace.
GCR:Your lead grew to almost two minutes at 14 miles. Were you getting fairly confident in your chances to make the team or was it still too early?
MLBOh, I could taste a spot on the team and it gave me so much energy and fire to keep pressing and running strong. I kept telling myself that all I needed to do is exactly what I was doing up to that point and not get too excited because 26.2 miles is a long way and we all know that a lot can change in the last couple of miles. Deep inside I knew that I had it in me and nothing was going to stop me from going after one of the top three spots.
GCR:Deena Kastor finally passed you around the 24-mile point. Were you still feeling strong at this point and did your spot on the team feel pretty secure? What were your feelings when you crossed the finish line in the top three?
MLBWhen Deena went by me at mile 24 I wanted to use some of that energy and get right behind her and get pulled along for as long as I could hang on. The last two miles went by very quickly as I tried to chase Deena. When I made my last turn about 800 meters from the finish line, there was the biggest American Flag I have ever seen and at that moment I blew a kiss to the flag and said my ‘thank you’ for the most wonderful opportunity I was about to receive and that is to make the U.S. Olympic marathon team.
GCR:How did the change in the format of the Olympic Marathon Trials to a loop course affect you? Also, did you like racing in Boston, a city with such a rich marathon tradition?
MLBI loved the loop course. It so happened that when I spent a month up in Flagstaff three months prior to the trials, 90% of my running was done on a five mile road loop… I did the same loop twice in the morning and twice in the evening. Running in Boston was very special. Having so many Boston Marathon participants and fans cheer us on was incredible and the city has incredible energy too. I also signed with Saucony after the trials and Boston is their home so the city of Boston has a special place in my heart.
GCR:You raced your personal best 10,000 meters of 32:33 two weeks before the 2008 Olympic Marathon Trials. How much self-assurance did this provide that you were ready to race faster and more competitively at the marathon distance?
MLBI really enjoy racing a 10k about two weeks out from a marathon. You don’t always get a chance to do it, but when opportunity meets preparation then you have to go for it. Running a PR for 10k off of marathon training in marathon flats is always a positive feedback that the marathon training has gone well.
GCR:You ran a strong personal best at the 2004 Olympic Marathon Trials but were two places short of punching an Olympic ticket. What was the difference that day in your inability to make the team versus your effort four years later?
MLBThis time I had increased maturity at the distance, confidence in my training and insatiable hunger to make the Olympic team. I was going into the race with nothing to lose and so much to gain. I was ready to leave it all on the line and prepared to face any outcome.
GCR:Plantar fasciitis affected you in 2004 and subsequently. How did you overcome it and is it an injury that you have to constantly work with to prevent its recurrence?
MLBI tried everything including rest, massage, shock wave therapy, icing, stretching… you name it. What really helped was: 1) Doing all of these things simultaneously and 2) Treadmill workouts instead of many track workouts.
GCR:You became a citizen of the United States on September 11, 2001. Relate your thoughts of that day and the mixed emotions of your excitement to be a citizen amidst the tragedy in New York City.
MLBMixed emotions don’t begin to describe that day. Imagine a day that starts off with the excitement of beginning life as a full-fledged American citizen, only to turn into one of the most horrific days in American History. That day will always have special meaning to all Americans, but for me it also reminds me to remain grateful for the opportunities I have been presented with here in the United States.
GCR:Jack Daniels has coached you since 2001. How have he and Tony Sandoval developed you both mentally and physically into the athlete you are today?
MLBI have learned how to develop and maintain my speed from Tony Sandoval. Tony’s weekly drills and plyometrics have made huge contributions to my speed development. Jack Daniels continues to teach me how to train for any distance from 800 meters to the marathon. He is a brilliant human being with a tremendous amount of knowledge about training. I have learned from Jack that I can only control myself in any race. I have also learned that each athlete is an individual and what works for one person may or may not work for another.
GCR:Your husband, Richie Boulet, was a 3:53 miler in his heyday and continues to be a competitive runner. How has his running and racing experience helped you as a competitor and been a positive factor in your relationship?
MLBRichie was an exceptional athlete… and still is, but now in flag football! Richie not only understands my desire to be the best athlete I can be, but continues to encourage me and support me. I could not have accomplished everything that I have without him.
GCR:Your son, Owen, was born in 2005 which necessitated a break from training. Did the time off give you a ‘spark’ when you resumed training? Also, is the need to balance between being a competitive runner and a mom a good thing?
MLBNot being able to really train for nine months and then trying to get back into shape after his birth sure made me so hungry to get back to the level I was before pregnancy but also beyond that and to a new level. I feel like I have it all now - a beautiful family to come home to, especially when a workout does not go well. Balancing motherhood and competitive running has its up and downs. Owen gets sick and so does mom. Traveling to races without Owen is hard and I miss him, but the feeling of seeing his smiley face when I finish a race is unexplainable. I feel so proud to be his mom.
GCR:You began your athletic exploits as a child by swimming in your native Poland. How did the discipline of swim training contribute to your running and what effect did growing up in Poland have on you?
MLBThe reason why I am so eager to run until the day I die is because I spent my early years in the pool. I learned discipline and endured long hours in the pool doing double workouts at a young age. My legs are still fresh and ready for many miles of running for many more years. I can still embrace a very good workout in a pool and it comes in handy when dealing with an injury.
GCR:Subsequent to the 2008 Olympic Marathon Trials you signed long-term endorsement contracts with Saucony and GU Energy Gels. How does this affect your comfort level as far as being able to train and help provide for your family in upcoming years?
MLBI feel so blessed to have the opportunity to partner with both Saucony and GU Sports. Again, Saucony’s home is Boston. Making the Olympic Team in front of the entire Saucony crew who were all over the course was veryespecial for me. The people at Saucony love running; they understand runners and are very loyal to the sport of running. GU Sports is a different story. I worked for GU Sports for eight years directing their Research and Development department. I resigned from GU Sports exactly a year before the 2008 Olympic Trials to give myself a shot at making the team. I loved my job and was really sad to let it go, but I took a chance and it worked out. The people at GU Sports are my extended family and have supported me from the day I started working there. I am supported by two companies that care about quality and people and are the best at what they do.
GCR:In 2008 you made the United States Olympic team and set personal bests at both the marathon and 10,000 meter race distances. What are your future competitive goals and for how long do you expect to compete?
MLBMy future goals remain the same: to continue to become the best athlete I can be. I look forward to running more PRs in both the marathon and the 10k, going to World Championships this year and making the 2012 Olympic Team. Then I will step back and evaluate again plans for my future running career.
GCR:You are known to love running on trails as much for relaxation as a part of your training. After you gear down from competitive racing, where do you see running as a continuing part of your life?
MLBMost definitely as I see myself running until the day I die. After I finish up competing at this level, I dream of starting each day with a couple hours of mountain running. I love running on trails and must live close to them. I am very blessed to live in the beautiful Bay Area.
 Inside Stuff
Hobbies/InterestsClimbing and hiking high mountain peaks, spending time with my family and cooking nice dinners with my best friends
NicknamesChewy Lewy
Favorite moviesAny movie with Audrey Hepburn – l love her in every movie, but 'Breakfast at Tiffany’s,' 'Roman Holiday' and 'Sabrina' are my favorites. I also love 'Office Space' and 'Old School'
Favorite TV showsColbert Report
Favorite songs‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe, ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor, ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon, ‘I Can’t Get Now Satisfaction’ by The Rolling Stones, ‘Ice Cream’ by Sarah McLachlan, ‘Sunshine On My Shoulders’ by John Denver, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey
Favorite books‘Into the Wild’ by Jon Krakauer, ‘Amazing Grace’ by Eric Metaxas
First car1969 VW bug
Current carHonda Civic
First jobTaco Bell
Family, Children and SiblingsMy husband, Richie, and son, Owen. Also, my parents, who I look up to so much, and my younger brother, Chris
PetsMy favorite dog alive – 'Diggy'
Favorite mealCouscous dish with fresh chopped veggies like orange bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, green parsley, apples, broccoli, crushed walnuts and grilled salmon or chicken. Finish up with a little lemon juice and olive oil
Favorite breakfastOatmeal with blueberries and flaxseeds which is Owen’s favorite breakfast too
Favorite beverageCold GU2O sports drink right after a long run
First running memoryShowing up to my first cross country practice wearing basketball shoes. I had no idea that you needed running shoes
Running heroesBy far Joan Benoit when she won the Gold Medal in the marathon at the 1984 Olympic Games and now when she is running so tough with so much consistency
Greatest running momentMaking the 2008 Olympic Team in Boston
Worst running momentNot completing the 2008 Olympic Marathon in Beijing due to injury
Childhood dreamsMaking an Olympic team as a swimmer
Favorite places to travelTahoe, Flagstaff and Yosemite