In his 35 years of running, Gary Cohen has logged over 100,000 running miles and competed in hundreds of races including a personal best marathon of 2:22:34. Now, he shares his wealth of knowledge in "All in a Day's Run". This book is for competitive runners, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who needs a "spark" to get healthier by increasing exercise and eating more nutritionally. "All in a Day’s Run" includes topics such as training, nutrition, competition, racing strategy and mental focus that will educate, enlighten and entertain you. More than 75 essays that each take only a couple of minutes to read will inspire you to be healthy, more fit and to reach your competitive goals.

This is what the running elite has to say about "All in a Day's Run":

"Gary's experiences and thoughts are very entertaining, all levels of runners can relate to them."
Brian Sell — 2008 U.S. Olympic Marathoner

"Each of Gary's essays is a short read with great information on training, racing and nutrition."
Dave McGillivray — Boston Marathon Race Director

"Gary's passion for running and helping others run well is obvious in his essays. He is able to find joy and humor in even the most obscure corners of the running world. That takes talent, but for Gary, it's all in a day's run."
Wendy Chioji — Marathoner, Ironman triathlete and cancer survivor

"After years of running and racing fast I still learn from reading Gary’s writings."
John Tuttle — 1984 U.S. Olympic Marathoner

"Take all the lessons in this book - learned over many years of both Gary's own racing career and of successfully coaching others - and you will grow immensely as an endurance athlete. Then take the final step, knowing you have trained properly and realize your potential."
Melanie Peters — Women’s champion of the 2008 Walt Disney World and Tampa marathons

"This book is full of great short perspectives from a variety of running angles that are fast reading, entertaining and fun."
Jim Musante — finisher of 28 straight Boston Marathons

"Gary has been a living inspiration to young and old runners alike. He has been able to impart his knowledge and train runners ranging from high school athletes to masters competitors. His wisdom in this book will enhance your chances of staying healthy and fit while racing strong for decades."
Jon Hughes — Walt Disney World Marathon Race Director

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